Ladies, Lace, and Metal: It’s Purpose

It is simple. To pay tribute to women who creatively woven themselves into heavy metal.

I think it is important to recognize women in heavy metal because it is unique. Women in metal creates equality within the metal industry and within our society. It shows that women can create amazing sound with thrilling lyrics and still be amongst the boys’club.  Women’s heavy metal feels different and sounds different compared to an all boys heavy metal band.  Everyone has a story to tell.  I think its great that we can now experience someone else’s story through their music, especially when it comes to us through women in heavy metal.  These women clearly make a statement and express their emotion through their lyrics. If you listen closely, you can hear their story. Their story is worth being heard.

Cretin Marinez is quoted in Decibel magazine stating, “I got into [metal] for its extremity and for feeling like this was a costume I could wear that could help me armor against the world and bury my own internal feelings that I was embarrassed about.”  She further comments, “I have to say that I have probably had it way easy being a woman in metal-the thing I had to fight for was just people accepting me as a woman” (Bonazelli, 2012).  Cretin Marinez is one of many heavy metal artists whose voice is amazing and she has a story to tell. I believe heavy metal is a great avenue for women to express their emotions in front of a group of people. It is an expression of emotion.

Each week, I will feature a different women’s heavy metal band.

This week’s feature: In this Moment

In This Moment is an American heavy metal band based out of Los Angeles, California. Maria Brink is lead vocalist along with Tom Hane (drums), Randy Weitzel (rhythm guitiar), Chris Howorth (lead guitar),and Travis Johnson (bass ) .

Bonazelli, A. (2012, August). Women in Metal.  Decibel, 64-72.